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Many companies say they go an extra mile for their customers but we really do.

Giving our customers the best experience with us and our products is our number one priority. We want to ensure you are equipped with all the tools, information and guidance you need to ensure you are making the most out of our products and they are working effectively for your business.

This area of the Codeweavers website will change over the next few months and will act as a forum where you the client can ask any questions and send your feedback.

We also will add lots more frequently asked questions, best practice tips, product updates and links to further advice on our products.

To login to Codeweavers support wiki, please follow this link and use the username and password that Codeweavers support team have sent you. If you do not have login details please request these by emailing Codeweavers support team on: or alternatively phone 0800 021 0888 -

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a mixture of frequently asked questions for both customers and non-customers.

  • When should you display a finance representative example on your listing page?
    One finance representative example should be used on a listing page when a dealer has more than one finance product.

  • When should you display a finance representative example on your details page?
    if you are displaying an individual car advert with finance one representative example should be used
  • When displaying finance offers on my listing page where should the finance representative example be?
    The representative example must be the most prominent finance offer on the listing page. We advise that your finance representative example should be situated at the top of your websites listing page.

  • Do Codeweavers arrange the finance?
    Unfortunately not, Codeweavers have no affiliation with any lenders or brokers. We use the lenders chosen by the dealer although we are happy to make introductions if asked.

  • Is Codeweavers service expensive?
    Not at all, Codeweavers have a range of products and services starting from as little as £50 per month or on a “cost per lead” basis.

  • Can I use different lenders for different types of finance?
    -Absolutely, you can use a different lender for HP, PCP and LP.

  • Can I use different lenders on numerous sites?
    Yes, if you have more than one site we can set up each lender independently with ease.

  • Can I choose how much margin I have within my finance?
    Certainly. You can choose to sell-out your finance based on a flat rate, an APR, with a fixed commission amount included or with a rate spread.

  • Can you display Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and Lease Purchase calculations?
    YES. Any or all of the 3 finance products can be displayed.

  • Can you base your calculations upon your own chosen finance company?
    Almost certainly, YES. All leading independent lenders and some manufacturer finance companies are available.

  • How does the dealer control the sell-out rate for the calculations?
    The dealer can choose to set the sell-out rate by flat rate, APR, rate spread or by defining a commission amount.

  • Can the dealer change his finance rates and/or his sell-out parameters after the website has been made live?
    YES. He can do this as often as is required and without charge.”

  • I want to follow up my leads when I’m out of office?
    We have the perfect solution for this. Codeweavers mobile application is a powerful extension to the Codeweavers motor dealer Showroom system and is FREE to all Codeweavers customers! When a customer clicks on a call to action on your website such as an Email quote, Finance Application or Motor Credit Check your dealership will be notified in real time. A key feature of this handy App is that you will still receive leads even if they don't complete your call to actions! Download iPhone app - Download Android app -

  • What rates and terms to choose?
    It's of high importance to represent the most relevant and suitable rates and terms for your dealership on your website. This will ensure you are providing your customers with accurate information. Codeweavers are unique in being able to represent every major finance house rates and terms but also many manufacturers.

  • When on the leads and proposal pages what does each icon represent which is next to each of my leads and proposals?
    Each icon represents the source of each lead and proposal. By hovering over each of the deals icons it will show you the source if you are unsure.

  • On this platform the lead email address is different to the lead email address I received as an email notification?
    This will be because the customer has emailed themselves a quote and then sent the quote again to a different email address. This could of been down that they wanted to send to a family member or an employee etc. The platform will hold the leads most current email address that they have sent a quote to.

  • What is the difference between a submitted Email Me This Quote and a Proposal?
    If you have received just a finance quote with an email address and no further contact information you will find that this tends to be an Email Me This Quote lead rather than an uncompleted proposal.

  • Why is personalising finance on your website so important?
    Customers who personalise their finance have been proven to stay on a dealer's website for longer periods of times and view over 4 times more cars than an average customer. Therefore you need to ensure the personalised functions are prominent on your website.

  • How do I change my password in Showroom?
    When logged in, click on the settings button which is the cogs icon on the right hand corner of the page. This will take you to your control panel. On the left hand side of your page will be a list of options you can edit. If you click on change password and enter your current password followed by your new password and then verify your new password. Please note for new passwords they must contain a minimum of 8 characters, at least one lower case, upper case and numeric character. Please ensure that you choose a strong password. If we think your password is strong the three blocks next to new password will be coloured.

  • How do I print proposals and quotes from my Showroom system?
    Firstly click into the proposal or quote that you would like to print. You will find the print button next to the 'email' and 'details' button on the right of your page. Click the print button and the proposal will be styled to ensure that when printed the proposal is clearly presented. You now need to click on print proposal button which is a prominent green button at the top of the proposal.

Jargon Buster

  • Lease Purchase aka LP is a finance product designed to reduce your monthly payments by delaying part of the repayment to the end of the agreement. The monthly payments, deposit, annual mileage, and final payment can all be adjusted to your needs and the agreement can be settled at any time.

  • Hire Purchase aka HP is a finance product that allows you to budget accurately by giving you a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments.

  • Personal Contract Purchase aka PCP is a finance product designed to reduce your monthly payments by delaying part of the repayment to the end of the agreement. The monthly payments, deposit, annual mileage, and final payment can all be adjusted to your needs and the agreement can be settled at any time.

  • Representative Example
    A representative example shows you the typical costs, including things like the deposit, monthly payment and APR, associated with a finance agreement. This example is an average based on what most customers can expect, but the final quote will depend on your credit rating and other factors. Some representative examples may look different and use slightly different terminology, but should include the same basic information included here.

  • Two things you should know about any finance agreement are the interest rate and the Annual Percentage Rate, or APR. The interest rate is simply the price your customer is charged borrowing money, expressed as a percentage of the total cost of the vehicle. The APR is the annual cost of the finance agreement, also expressed as a percentage of the cost of the vehicle, which includes both the interest rate and any other fees included in the agreement. By law, the APR must be shown on all finance quotes and any relevant documentation your customers are shown.

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