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Providing a journey that makes retailing your vehicles online simple for you and your dealers.

So far, Codeweavers have been privileged to provide some powerful software to the following car manufacturers - BMW, MINI, Volvo, Suzuki, Peugeot, Citroen, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Vauxhall. Work for several other manufacturers is currently in the pipeline.

Codeweavers provide a service to manufacturers in a sophisticated manner which can be adapted and used across OEM’s. From powerful bespoke POS manufacturer systems to personalised finance calculators for your website, Codeweavers can provide you and your dealers solutions for both your website and business.

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Bespoke Development

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Unique to you

Codeweavers design and craft software that can be customised for any manufacturer's specifications and requirements.

Codeweavers ensure that the powerful software produced for manufacturers is flexible and versatile and more importantly is continuously evolving and the manufacturer is in control.
Whether you need an app or a powerful POS system we have the capabilities of crafting this for you.

Codeweavers design and craft software that can be adapted for any manufacturer's specifications and requirements. Codeweavers software can be integrated into other systems easily and effectively.

Every manufacturer project that Codeweavers has completed has been unique, innovative and the manufacturer has been able to feedback about the the project throughout the full process.

This has resulted in each manufacturer having an even better outcome than they ever anticipated.

We have a proven track record of delivering working software that has satisfied a range of customers including manufacturers BMW and Toyota. If you have a software project that you need delivering on time and on budget then call us now to arrange a visit or to discuss your requirements and we will show you how passionate we really are!

Finance Calculators

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Lightning Fast, Crafted

A powerful calculator designed and crafted for individual manufacturer requirements.

Codeweavers have the fastest, most configurable customisable finance calculators available in the market today for manufacturers for both new and used vehicles. Each dynamic calculation is delivered instantly with the power and accuracy you would expect from a fully functional point of sale system.

As well as providing an extensive range of calculation options including roll-back functionality each calculation is checked against a wide range of validation rules and parameters including commissions, rates, mileage and vehicle restrictions.

Calculators can be plugged into any website and integrated within your stock quickly and effectively. Additionally they can be added to as many websites as you would like.

Lead Generation Tools

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Lead Generation

Custom-made range of powerful lead generation solutions.

Demonstrating affordability is a key functionality of the finance calculations, however we want to go further by encouraging customer interaction with the aim of facilitating the sale of the vehicle and the finance. To achieve this Codeweavers have developed a range of powerful finance calls to action designed to encourage the maximum number and highest quality of customer interactions.

The finance calls to actions forms use line by line data capture. This means if your customer leaves the form before completing you will still receive the lead.

Showroom System

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A powerful POS system for Manufacturers.

Codeweavers have created a powerful IT System specifically for Manufacturers.

Mobile and Email notifications are great ways to rapidly respond to customer enquiries, but to drill down to the details you need a powerful system to progress.

We have created Showroom, a simple-to-use view of all lead and proposal activity. When a customer completes a finance application or sends themselves a finance quote from your website you are instantly notified you have a finance lead through Codeweavers Showroom app (a mobile application that’s a powerful extension of showroom) and via email.

To manage these strong leads you simply login to your Showroom System and you are taken to the customer profile which will provide you with the information you need to turn a browser into a buyer. You can manage your leads and convert into proposals directly from showroom.

Payment Search

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Payment Search logo


The most advanced stock search tool available to you as a manufacturer.

In its simplest form Payment Search enables customers to select their finance parameters and then view a list of stock that fits their specific monthly budget. This can also be replicated onto your OEM’s websites.

Payment Search is much more than this though – it now combines budget search with the option for a free-text vehicle search. This enables customers to refine their search using a range of lifestyle search terms or vehicle descriptions.

The greatest way to suggest vehicles the customer had never considered or simply to demonstrate the strength of your vehicles' residual values.

Manufacturer Finance Offers

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Finance Offers

There's an extensive range of parameters that can be adjusted to create offers.

Codeweavers can facilitate a range of new and used finance offers for both national finance campaigns or for localised dealer offers. There's an extensive range of parameters that can be adjusted to create offers including the following;

• Subsidised rates
• Offer-specific enhanced residual values
• Manufacturer deposit contributions
• Time-restricted offers
• Option-enhanced residual values.

You as the manufacturer can present to your OEM’s quickly and efficiently your latest finance promotions that can be mirrored on both their website and in their showroom.

Deal Selector

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Deal Selector logo

Demonstrating Transparency

Rapidly present a range of finance options for both new and used vehicles.

Deal Selector is the most unique finance solution tool in the market. It enables you as a manufacturer to rapidly present a range of finance options for both new and used vehicles. Deal Selector has proven popular to many of our clients based on the fact that it helps provide a compliant solution for the FCA regulations as you are displaying transparency to your customers by displaying every finance quote and term available to them.

Deal Selector provides a bright colourful graphic quote comparison for the customer, illustrating your extensive finance product portfolio.

The highly visual approach places the consumer in control of their finance buying process; something they clearly like. The positive impact upon used car finance is particularly noteworthy because customers are now able to view a PCP quote alongside HP.

Car Offer Websites

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