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Codeweavers have created a range of powerful systems and solutions for car leasing companies, providing a fresh modern approach using an agile way of working

Codeweavers have provided retail and commercial solutions to several leasing companies over the last few years.

Codeweavers can provide a range of powerful quoting, proposal and lead management systems as well as finance calculators for leasing companies websites that can personalise finance quotes based on their range of finance products such as Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire and Personal Lease

Product Range


Contract Hire Calculators

Contract Hire Offers

Fleet Management Platform

Contract Hire Calculators

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Contract Hire Calculators

Dynamic and fast contract hire calculations

Codeweavers can provide you with a dynamic business and personal contract hire calculator that can be added to your website quickly and effectively. The calculator is available to integrate with your vehicles or additionally available to add as a standalone calculator anywhere on your website.

The calculator updates instantly and provides accurate and concise results to your customers. Your customers will be able to print and email the quotes to themselves, aswell as applying for the contract hire agreement there and then. You are instantly sent the customers details to follow up even if they don't complete your apply for contract hire forms.

Your calculator can use multiple contract hire products along with the different lender rates, terms and rules.

Contract Hire Offers

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Contract Hire Offers

Giving you the ability to display your special offers instantly

Codeweavers have created a range of used and new car offers solutions. From providing the ability to add a special offer within your calculator that takes just seconds, to building a new or used car offers website, combining a lifestyle search and contract hire parameters. All Codeweavers offer solutions are configured and managed through Codeweavers Quoting System.


  • Takes just minutes to create an offer
  • You can show multiple offers with different variations instantly
  • Offers can be created for a set time period
  • Amend or remove offers from your website instantly
  • Offers can be cloned for multiple used vehicles
  • You're in control of your offers title and description and can be bespoke per vehicle
  • Offers can be created using rates and deposit contributions
  • VAP’s and dealer accessories can be added into the offer
  • Create offers for ageing stock

Fleet Management Platform

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Fleet Management Platform

dynamic quotation and management platform

For a fleet management services business, Codeweavers created a bespoke an all-new dynamic quotation and management platform, designed to enable finance brokers to provide a full range of business user finance products. The system has re-defined broker technology, offering an unrivalled level of flexibility and importantly a great customer experience. Combining leading edge technology and a distinctive service ethos it enabled a fleet management services business to enter the fleet brokerage market with an operating approach that is re-defining the market. The technology platform was developed in just 4 months, from concept to delivery. It was delivered on time and on budget.

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