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Codeweavers deliver a range of solutions to dealers from market-leading finance calculators to a Motor Credit Check tool.

Codeweavers work with the likes of car supermarkets with over 500 cars in stock to dealerships with under 20 cars in stock. It’s important to us that we can provide a solution for all dealerships whatever the size.

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Finance Calculators

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You're in control

Present the finance offers you want, from the lenders you use.

Codeweavers' market leading finance calculators increase your website's interactions and engagement with your customers. The flexible calculators allow your customers to put their very own finance quote together choosing the deposit and term parameters that suit them.

Codeweavers put you in control as you can present the finance offers you want, from the lenders you use. You have the choice of adding HP, LP and PCP offers onto your website or if you would like to use just one finance product such as HP this is no problem. Codeweavers provide several style of finance calculator’s available for your vehicle details page to ensure the calculator is in keeping with your website and looks and works how you would like it to.

Codeweavers range of finance calculator:

FlexiCalc l SliderCalc l Finance Finder l MultiCalc

Lead Generation Tools

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Lead Generation

Capture your strong finance leads.

Codeweavers provide an effective range of finance calls to action to capture your strong finance leads who have been personalising a finance quote based on their circumstances, on their vehicle of choice, on YOUR website, using YOUR finance calculator.

These strong finance leads from your website are automatically fed into your showroom system, so you can react fast and respond to the customer's request at the point they are at their most receptive.

All of Codeweavers finance calls to action are fully responsive and are fed to you instantly even if your customer doesn't fully complete your finance form.

Motor Credit Check

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Qualified leads

Assists in delivering a greater number of qualified leads.

Assists in delivering a greater number of qualified leads to independent dealers.

Motor Credit Check is an innovative tool that pre-checks whether your customer is likely to be accepted for finance on their vehicle of choice from your range of vehicles. The tool assists in delivering a greater number of qualified leads instantly to you. Your customers will be safe in the knowledge that Motor Credit Check does not leave a footprint on their Credit History as its a soft credit check.

The tool, like all of Codeweavers forms, is fully responsive and can be completed by your customers on any device, simply. When the customer completes a Motor Credit Check they receive a score and are given information on the likelihood they will be able to obtain finance on the vehicle they are looking at. Their credit score is linked to the finance providers you have selected, meaning your customers have no reason to leave your website and purchase a car elsewhere.

Codeweavers have found that Motor Credit Check has worked particularly well for used car supermarkets. For instance Carbase, a used car supermarket based in Weston Super-Mare, received 882 fully completed Motor Credit Check leads in quarter one. 335 of the Motor Credit Check leads were converted into a sale: a 38% conversion rate.

Showroom System

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A powerful system to manage and convert your leads.

Showroom Suite from Codeweavers: a powerful system to manage and convert your leads.

Showroom Suite is an innovative motor finance dealer system that delivers the tools to increase lead-generation and deal-conversion rates for independent dealers. The lead-management side of the system is easy to use and ensures your dealership's website and showroom work productively together.

When a lead is created in your website or showroom you will be notified in real-time through the Codeweavers Showroom iOS app or alternatively via email, even if the customer hasn't completed your finance application. The leads that will be fed into your showroom system from your website are Email Me This Quote, Apply Now and Motor Credit Check.

You can feed leads directly into your sales team via this system where you can easily monitor, manage, update and convert leads into sales. As well as being a lead-management system, Showroom also has an extensive range of powerful sales tools...

Finance Explainer Videos

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Effectively explain your finance products to your customers.

Codeweavers' engaging finance demonstration videos assist your dealership's customers in finding the right finance products and services on your site, as well as displaying to your customers your knowledge on motor finance! Codeweavers' finance explainer videos are not only engaging and eye-catching but are informative and will give your customers a clear picture of what finance package would suit their circumstances.

Our range of videos are readily available to be added to any website. We appreciate every website is different so we now offer three different styles of video – lifestyle, classic and animated – to ensure a style fits in with your website. Your videos can be adapted to suit your website's requirements; from branding to changing the information within the videos, we have the capabilities of producing videos that are perfect for your website.

Social Network Solutions

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Increase your customers' engagement on social media.

Did you know 95% of vehicle shoppers use digital channels to research their purchases, with 37% of shoppers researching on Facebook?

Codeweavers Motor Credit Check, Payment Search tools and video services are readily available for your social networks. Codeweavers' solution will help you engage with customers visiting your social media pages and capture these customers through some powerful lead-generation tools. These customers might never have seen your website before, so if they've stumbled across your Facebook page you need a strong presence.

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