Codeweavers provide POS Systems and financing quoting solutions for motor finance lenders

Codeweavers provide functionality to a range of finance lenders, from bespoke POS Systems to flexible finance calculators.

Codeweavers work closely with several finance lenders including Close, Alphera, Startline and JBR Capital and have integrated several lenders into Codeweavers showroom system such as Barclays, Santander, Motonovo, Blackhorse and Vauxhall Finance.

As a lender, we can offer you your very own bespoke lender-management and admin system, holding your dealers' finance leads and proposals. Codeweavers can offer you the opportunity to partner with us and offer a range of solutions to increase the number of finance deals that your dealers are generating.

Product Range


Finance Calculators for Lenders

Showroom System for Lenders

Videos for Lenders

Bespoke Development for Lenders

Lender Decision

Finance Calculators for Lenders

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Deliver lightning fast results with a level of flexibility not available from any other vendor.

Codeweavers finance calculators deliver lightning fast results with a level of flexibility not available from any other vendor. As a finance lender we can provide your dealers and businesses you work with finance solutions for their website using your branding, rates and terms and how you would like to present your finance products.

You control the rates and terms and these can be updated as frequently as required. A key benefit to this solution is your dealer's customers are only presented with finance offers from you. An additional key benefit of Codeweavers finance calculators is that they include power lead generation buttons including an 'Apply For Finance'. When a car buyer completes an application we can provide the functionality to auto submit this to you.

Codeweavers range of finance calculator:

FlexiCalc l SliderCalc l Finance Finder l MultiCalc

Showroom System for Lenders

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Powerful and flexible

A powerful and flexible showroom system for lenders.

Codeweavers have created a powerful and flexible showroom system for lenders. The system holds both finance lead generation and admin tools alongside all of your finance leads and proposals directly from your customers. Codeweavers have the capabilities to create functionalities in the system that are unique to you and your business, that provide a solution to your business process.

You can give your dealers access to your system to manage and follow up their leads with some of the most powerful admin and sales tools in the industry. Your dealers are notified instantly when a lead has been generated from their website via a mobile app (this is a mobile extension of the system) and email. The system doesn't just hold fully completed finance applications – if a customer starts to complete a finance form on your dealer's website but doesn't complete it, this will also be accessible through showroom.

Even better, your dealers can submit proposals from the showroom system to you instantly. By enabling your dealers to use the showroom system, you can monitor the potential finance deals and determine which of your finance products and offers are popular, and which are not. You are also giving your dealers a compliant solution to manage leads with a range of tools taking into account your dealers' customers circumstances.

Videos for Lenders

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Explain finance products to your customers.

With the new FCA regime, providing accurate product information has never been more important. Codeweavers have produced a range of effective product videos to help explain finance products to your customers to ensure they have a good understanding about your range of finance products. Video ensures a consistency of message that is hard to achieve in any other way.

Bespoke Development for Lenders

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Control, Innovation, Power

Software that's been innovatively built for you, putting you in control of the solution you want

Codeweavers have a proven track record of creating tailored software solutions to several finance lenders, to name a few; Close, Startline, JBR Capital and Borderway.

When searching for your perfect solution that's tailored to your business requirements sometimes it's not as simple as stumbling across it and it will do exactly as you want. By having the control and power of having your own software tailored to your business needs with features and benefits that are of high importance to your business, this will meet your requirements of that perfect solution you were thinking of.

Codeweavers having the experience and capabilities of creating software tailored to your business, we listen, understand, solve, deliver and support. Codeweavers team of Product Owners will guide you through the best options for you and suggest any additional features to your solutions that we know will work for you. Codeweavers team only build solutions that we know will work for you. You will be involved you throughout the journey of Codeweavers creating your solution so you know where we are up to and if we are on track to creating your software of choice.

Lender Decision

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Proposal Submission

Lender Decision enables you to determine the stage, who is responsible, and notes of each of your proposals prior to approval.

Codeweavers Lender Decision enables you to determine the stage, who is responsible, and notes of each of your proposals prior to approval. Codeweavers have now created the ability through a sophisticated kanban board for your dealers to submit proposals directly to you for your approval using Codeweavers Lender System. Lender Decision enables you to review your proposals and determine what is required from the customer for the proposal to be approved. You can add documents such as ID, Card details etc to determine whether the customer is likely to be accepted for finance with you.

Lender Decision provides you with only relevant proposals to you. If a co worker is working on another proposal this will be made clear to you along with if a proposal is missing information.

Once you have made your decision the proposal will be situated under 'Completed' on the dashboard.

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