Frequently asked questions about Codeweavers services

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Frequently asked questions about Codeweavers services

Below is a mixture of frequently asked questions from both customers and non-customers.

Can we send a project that you may not have developed before?

Send it Codeweavers way! The Codeweavers team love to tackle new projects. We have the resources, services, intelligence, and capabilities to plan, design and build software that we don’t currently have in our range. In addition to this many customers come to Codeweavers because of our expertise, speed of delivery and quality of our solutions.

We want the ability to be able to submit finance applications directly to the finance lenders we use?

Codeweavers provide the ability to submit finance applications to multiple lenders. If you have a lender in mind, please get in touch and we will let you know if we can submit to your chosen lenders.

We work with multiple lenders can your finance calculators support this?

Yes, we work with all mainstream lenders and many smaller lenders. If we don’t already work with your lender it takes no time at all to add them to our system. Codeweavers MultiCalc calculator connects the car buyer to a lender based on their ideal monthly payment, deposit, and term. It provides the car buyer with multiple options as they are presented with multiple finance quotes from multiple lenders

Do you just provide finance calculators?

Finance Calculators are a core product of Codeweavers' and we have many powerful calculators ready to add to your website right away and bespoke calculators based on clients requirements. However our range of solutions go a lot further than finance calculators, we build quoting and lead management systems, car offer websites, lead generation tools, dealer showroom tools, mobile apps and ecommerce solutions to name a few.

Many customers come to us with completely new ideas that they want refining and building and Codeweavers love these types of projects. We have the services and expertise in place to build something completely fresh and original.

Have you different styles of calculators?

Codeweavers have a range of calculators for you to choose from calculators already available for your website such as FlexiCalc, SliderCalc, and MultiCalc to building a calculator from scratch based on the client's requirements. There are also modules that can be added to a calculator that is already available such as calls to actions, video styles, lender brandings etc.

Is there a monthly payment option within the calculator?

Yes, your car buyers can personalise a finance quote on the car they are interested in by monthly payment.

How are car buyers made aware if they select parameters outside a lender's rules in a finance calculator?

Codeweavers have implemented alert notifications into the calculator so that when a car buyer selects parameters outside lender rules they are notified about this prompting them to select parameters within the lender's rules.

How quick are the calculators at calculating?

Calculations work in real time, there’s even no need for a calculate button.

How can Codeweavers ensure car buyers fully understand the information provided in a quote?

Information boxes are situated next to each element of a finance quote explaining what each element of the quote means.

Will your range of finance videos suit my website?

Codeweavers have a range of styles of finance videos available, here are the different styles:

I have multiple franchises and I want my calculator to be styled based on the franchise's branding?

If you have a multi-franchise site, we can display your required different brandings on your websites different franchises.

I want my car buyers to select a quote based on their credit rating?

Codeweavers have built a calculator called MultiCalc Credit, which enables car buyers to select a finance quote on the vehicle they are interested in based on their credit rating.

I want the ability to create finance offers?

Codeweavers Car Offers solution enables you to create your finance offers reactively in your Showroom System and display your finance offers instantly on your website.

With Codeweavers Car Offers, you can create a bespoke offer on ANY vehicle, that can be displayed as a special offer on your website for your customers. The solution enables you to target your customers at the right time with an offer that appeals to them.

I want to know stats about the car buyers using our calculator so we can build some trends?

Codeweavers provide you with reports on usage and behaviour, you will get masses of data about the terms, deposits, payments, profile, usage, devices and more. Want to know what payment to highlight for your next offer - your customers will tell you via your stats.

You are also provided with information on the type of finance leads you are receiving and the journey your customers take completing your finance applications and if and where the customer dropped off. You can also determine the most popular finance product your customers are completing finance forms upon and the average credit score of your finance leads.

Do Codeweavers arrange the finance?

Unfortunately not, Codeweavers have no affiliation with any lenders or brokers. We use the lenders chosen by the dealer although we are happy to make introductions if asked.*

Can I use different lenders on numerous sites?

Yes, if you have more than one site we can set up each lender independently with ease.

Can I choose how much margin I have within my finance?

Certainly. You can choose to sell-out your finance based on a flat rate, an APR, with a fixed commission amount included or with a rate spread.

What rates and terms to choose?

It's of high importance to represent the most relevant and suitable rates and terms for your dealership on your website. This will ensure you are providing your customers with accurate information. Codeweavers is unique in being able to represent every major finance house rates and terms but also many manufacturers.

If you would like to find out about different car finance terminologies, visit the below link.

If you would like to ask us a question in regards to Codeweavers services, please email: support@codeweavers.net

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