Discover how 49% of AM100 dealers benefit from using us

Discover how 49% of AM100 dealers benefit from using us


Whether you are a large dealer group or an independent dealer, adding Codeweavers services to your website can hugely benefit your business.

The benefits are many and varied, we provide you with strong quality leads, increase the quantity of time car buyers stay on your website and enhance the car buying journey on your website.

Over the last 14 years Codeweavers’ have worked with a multitude of dealer groups delivering personalised, hand-crafted solutions to both their websites and showrooms.



Sytner Group, JCT600, Caffyns, Park’s Motor Group, TrustFord, Hartwell, T C Harrison Group, Peoples, Yeomans. This is a glimpse of some our current clientele which feature in the AM100.


Manufacturer Relationship

Codeweavers’ work closely and provide functionalities to a number of manufacturers including; BMW, Mini, Citroen, Toyota, Lexus, Peugeot, Subaru, Honda, Suzuki, Mazda and Ford. Maintaining these high-level relationships offer significant benefits to their dealer networks.


Lender Relationship

Codeweavers work with all mainstream and many smaller lenders including: Black Horse, Santander, Alphera, MotoNovo, Close, Hitachi, JBR, Startline and Borderway.


Plugin Technology

The powerful plugin functionality Codeweavers provide aims to offer the complete user experience. This is achievable by delivering lightning fast results, continous new features and calculations updated instantly.


Payment Search

Payment Search enables your customers to search based on their monthly budget, rather than just by model or price. Moving customers' search focus to budget focus, enabling your dealership to present customers with vehicles they may never have anticipated they could afford and more importantly convert more visitors to bottom-line profit.


Finance Calculators

Codeweavers range of finance calculators are the most advanced and flexible calculators available for your website.

There are over 6,000 dealer websites which currently have a Codeweavers finance calculator and approximately 35,000 car buyers use the calculator on a daily basis. Codeweavers calculators have been proven to increase your website's visitor time and interactions. This leads to helping increase sales, generate leads and demonstrate affordability to customers.

Flexicalc has proved to be Codeweavers most popular within Dealer Groups. It's built with plugin technology, is continuously updated with new features and is the most user-friendly calculator available on the market.


Generate Strong Leads

Codeweavers have created the most powerful finance calls to action in the industry. To capture the many customers using your website's finance calculators, Codeweavers have created the most powerful lead generation buttons in the industry that capture these strong leads speedily. All the customer finance buttons are mobile friendly and are tailored to capture any data required from the customers even if they haven’t completed your website forms!


Motor Credit Check

Motor Credit Check is an innovative tool that pre-checks whether your customer is likely to be accepted for finance on their vehicle of choice from your range of vehicles. Motor Credit Check delivers the best match to the original finance enquiry, rather than customers navigating away and purchasing privately, increasing sales control.
37.4% is the sales conversion rate for completed credit checks.

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