Discover all the benefits of using Codeweavers Services

Discover all the benefits of using Codeweavers Services for every dealer


Whether you are a large dealer group or an independent dealer, adding Codeweavers services to your website can hugely benefit your business.

The benefits are many and varied, we provide you with strong quality leads, increase the quantity of time car buyers stay on your website and enhance the buying journey on your website for your customers.


Manufacturer Relationship

Codeweavers’ work closely and provide functionalities to several manufacturers. These high-level relationships offer significant benefits to their dealer networks.

Lender Relationship

Codeweavers work with all mainstream and many smaller lenders including: Black Horse, Santander, Alphera, MotoNovo, Close, Hitachi, JBR, Startline and Borderway

Dealer Groups

Codeweavers work with almost half of the top 100 dealer groups in the UK.

Your web agency

Codeweavers have a close working relationship with your web agency.



Motor Credit Check/Apply for Finance on your vehicle listing page

Codeweavers found that the websites that had Codeweavers Motor Credit Check/Apply for Finance on their vehicle listing page received almost 6 times more leads than those that had the buttons just on their vehicle details page.


Moves customers' search focus to budget focus, enabling your dealership to present customers with vehicles they may never have anticipated they could afford and more importantly convert more visitors to bottom-line profit.

50% of dealers’ website visitors

50% of dealers’ website visitors prefer to search for vehicles by monthly budget.

Capture customers

Having Codeweavers services on this page will help capture customers at a point they are most receptive on your website.

Relevancy - Example

Customers can choose their own deposit, term and mileage parameters making it more personal and therefore this is more relevant than using defaults.



Monthly Payment OR their Deposit

Codeweavers are the only vendor to provide a calculator that allows the customers to personalise a finance offer by monthly payment OR their deposit.

Info Boxes

The quote is clearly laid out with info boxes next to each element of information so your car buyers can understand what each part of the quote means to them – the only calculator on the market like this.

Finance Explainer Videos

The finance explainer videos help educate your customers in terms of the different finance products you offer and the benefits to the car buyer. The videos also help to engage your customers – the only vendor to provide a range of styles of video including Motorbike videos.


Your car buyers can use the calculator on ANY device.


Codeweavers have the ability to brand the calculator and forms per franchise.

Continous New Features

FlexiCalc is the only calculator on the market that benefits from continuous new features based on customer behaviour.



To capture the car buyers interacting with your finance calculator Codeweavers have embedded lead generation buttons into your finance calculator.

Email & Print Quote


Car Buyers can email the finance quote they personalised to themselves or print the quote. The quote will be sent directly to their inbox and the information they have provided will be supplied to you and your dealers.

Apply for Finance


Codeweavers finance proposal applications capture fully validated proposal information directly from customers. The proposal form is quick, simple and completely secure for customers to complete and they are guided through the application through the use of notifications.

Motor Credit Check


Motor Credit Check pre-checks customers credit eligibility and assists them in getting a realistic, viable and consistent finance offer while at the same time delivering a qualified sales lead instantly.

Motor Credit Check works by performing a soft credit search then combining this with a range of rules and validations to present a finance offer tailored to the customer’s specific circumstances and requirements.

Dealerships who are currently using this tool have found typically, a sales conversion rate of 37.4%.

  • Increase the time your customers spend on your website
  • The quality of the leads you receive
  • The number of leads generated and your sales conversion rate
  • A team of client support advisors are readily available to help you through your journey with Codeweavers. So far this year 96.4% of Codeweavers customers liaising with our client support team gave them a gold star rating.

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