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Providing automotive software solutions that makes retailing and managing your cars online and offline simple and effective.

Codeweavers online retailing solutions are currently used by almost half of the top AM100 dealers. Codeweavers provide an extensive range of automotive software services to dealer groups, independent dealers and used car supermarkets. The solutions range from dynamic finance calculators, powerful lead management & quoting system to online car retailing solutions that dealers can really benefit from.

Codeweavers have worked with dealers for over 15 years and have a proven track record of delivering well thought out solutions to both their websites and showrooms. As we work extremely closely with many manufacturers, this offers significant benefit to many of Codeweavers dealer groups.

Whether you require a solution for your website/s or showroom get in touch with our team to see if we can help!

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Lead Generation Tools

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Lead Generation Tools logo

Capturing strong Leads

Codeweavers have created the most powerful finance calls to action in the industry.

To capture the many customers using your website's finance calculators , Codeweavers have created the most powerful lead generation buttons in the industry that capture these strong leads speedily.

Codeweavers lead generation buttons help to increase the time your customers spend on your website, the quality of the leads you receive, the number of leads generated and your sales conversion rate.

All the customer finance buttons are mobile friendly and are tailored to capture any data required from the customers even if they haven’t completed your website forms!

You are notified instantly when your customers start to complete any of your finance calls to actions via Codeweavers mobile application and by email, giving you the opportunity to contact your customers at the most effective point in their research phase.

Buttons Available: Email Me This Quote, Print This Quote, Apply for Finance & Motor Credit Check

Finance Calculators

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Finance Calculators logo

Flexible & Intuitive

Codeweavers range of finance calculators are the most advanced and flexible calculators available for your website.

When a customer finds the vehicle they are interested they want all of the information regarding the vehicle and how they can afford it right in front of them. It is of high importance to have a prominent, clearly laid out and easily accessible finance offering on this page.

Using Codeweavers finance calculators dealerships have the ability to present the finance offer you want, from the lenders you use, making your cars more affordable.

Codeweavers calculators have been proven to increase your website's visitor time and interactions. This leads to helping increase sales, generate leads and demonstrate affordability to customers.

Codeweavers range of finance calculator:

FlexiCalc l SliderCalc l Finance Finder l MultiCalc IMultiCalc Credit

Finance Explainer Videos

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Finance Explainer Videos logo

Engage your audience

A simple and effective way to explain finance options to your customers.

We supply a suite of effective and informative videos that aim to educate the customer in terms of the different finance products on offer and the benefits that come with using specialist motor finance. The video content will help SEO, website conversions and introduce the idea of motor finance early in the customer's research.

Codeweavers' video collection is not only engaging and eye-catching but will give your customers a clear picture of what finance package would suit their circumstances. Video ensures a consistency of message hard to achieve in any other way.

Our range of video demonstrations are readily available to be adapted onto any website. As well as this, we can create bespoke motor finance videos that will suit a website's look and feel and adapt the messages you want to portray to customers, regarding motor finance. We have several different styles of finance videos available to suit your demographic from animated videos through to lifestyle.

Motor Credit Check

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Motor Credit Check logo

Increase Interactions

Award winning Motor Credit Check helps you as a dealer increase interactions on your website.

Codeweavers' award winning Motor Credit Check helps dealers capitalise finance.

It does this by allowing your customers to check whether the finance offers on your websites are likely to be available to them. The tool is a soft credit check and your customers are made fully aware that it will not leave a footprint on their credit history.

Motor Credit Check uses a simple online, responsive form, that can be completed effectively on any device. It can be linked directly from your website via a vehicle listing, which a customer fills in to get their credit score. The customer's credit score is effectively linked to your selected finance providers meaning affordability is established instantly using your dealership's vehicles.

Motor Credit Check delivers the best match to the original finance enquiry, rather than customers navigating away and purchasing privately, increasing sales control. When a customer has completed a check they’re conveniently redirected back to the dealer's website, where every car finance quote will reflect the products they’re eligible for.

You only pay for the fully completed qualified leads that are generated by Motor Credit Check and all part leads are given to you free of charge!

Find out more about Motor Credit Check by watching our video - Click here

Check out the Motor Credit Check website here -

Car Offers

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Car Offers logo


Dynamic and interactive finance offers on your range of new & used cars.

Codeweavers Car Offers solution enables you to create your finance offers reactively in your Showroom System and display your finance offers instantly on your website.

With Codeweavers Car Offers, you can create a bespoke offer on ANY vehicle, that can be displayed as a special offer on your website for your customers. The solution enables you to target your customers at the right time with an offer that appeals to them.

Car Offers are perfect for marketing campaigns and scheduling seasonal car offers on your website as well if you have aging stock or a particular vehicle you want to sell quickly, you can create and display offers within minutes. Car Offers enhances consumers’ digital car buying experience, providing a new level of information, creating the type of good outcome customers want, and the FCA mandates.

Offers Features

  • Available at dealer and manufacturer level for new and used stock down to specific vehicle
  • It takes minutes to create an offer(s)
  • Offers can be amended or removed instantly
  • Dealers can create a range of offers using rates and deposit contributions
  • Multiple offers with different variations can be created and promoted instantly
  • Offers can be cloned for multiple vehicles
  • Offers can be created for a set time period
  • Dealers can create offers for ageing stock
  • In addition to website promotion, consumers can discover or be targeted with tailored offers via social media and other digital media, integrating offers with lifestyle insights
  • Offers can be compared across a dealer’s full model range
  • Searching available by finance parameter functionality

Showroom Quoting & Lead Management

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Showroom Quoting & Lead Management logo


Enables you to react fast and respond to the customer's request at the point they are at their most receptive.

Generating leads is great, but you need to turn those leads into sales. This is where the Codeweavers Showroom platform comes in.

Leads from your website, whether they’re from a Motor Credit Check, email quote request or even a full finance application, are automatically fed into your Showroom system, so you can react fast and respond to the customer's request at the point they are at their most receptive.

As well as being accessible from any connected computer, you can also access the system on-the-go using mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. The mobile app notifies you as soon as we have collected enough information for you to contact your prospective customer, meaning you convert more leads by being there when the customer needs you.

Showroom includes a range of sales tools including some of the most powerful finance presentation tools in the industry.

When you get a new customer, either in the dealership or through your website, it’s quick and easy to find the vehicle they want using Showroom Suite’s stock search. You’ll get real time results using natural language and our detailed Payment Search tools. Once the customer has found the perfect car, bike or LCV, you can build them the perfect finance package in Showroom Suite, using the tools that best suit your client.

Your Statistics

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Your Statistics logo

Review, Analysis, Personalise

Really get to know your customers

With reports on usage and behaviour, you will get masses of data about the terms, deposits, payments, profile, usage, devices and more. Want to know what payment to highlight for your next offer - your customers will tell you via your stats.

You are also provided with information on the type of finance leads you are receiving and the journey your customers take completing your finance applications and if and where the customer dropped off. You can also determine the most popular finance product your customers are completing finance forms upon and the average credit score of your finance leads.

You can determine the most popular vehicles your customers have applied for and the amount of calculations performed from your website each day. To gain further understanding of the statistics there is an export button so you can export the statistics that included detailed information.

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