Helping you perfect your finance page on your website


24th February, 2017

Helping you perfect your finance page on your website

Codeweavers have put together a collection of finance page mockups so you can ensure that your car buyers have all the information they need to finance a car through you.

Refining this page on your website based on Codeweavers suggestions will help:

  • Increase the number of car buyers personalising finance quotes on your website
  • Educate your car buyers in terms of the different finance options you have available
  • Increase the number of finance leads and proposals you receive
  • Display your finance offering clearly and transparently
  • We have found dealers including a standalone finance application ( an application not associated with a vehicle) on a finance or listing page, receive 4x more leads than those without this functionality.

To view Codeweavers Finance page mockups please click here.

We have provided a range of mockups of the finance tabs dependent on what finance tools you may have so please scroll through the pdf.


If you would like to discuss this mockup with a member of our team or if you would like further guidance we are happy to help, please contact our team on:

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