FlexiCalc just keeps getting better


13th March, 2017

FlexiCalc just keeps getting better

At Codeweavers we are continually enhancing our products based on our customers' feedback and how consumers use our products. When enhancing our product range we always want to stay one step ahead of consumers using our products to ensure our products remain engaging and innovative.

Last week our Front End Developers made some small improvements to the popular calculator, FlexiCalc. The improvement means that when a vehicle is not eligible for a finance product such as PCP, not only will it not show but the HP finance quote resizes itself to take up the whole width of the calculator space rather than leaving white space.

The calls to action and video reshape themselves at the bottom to finish the new look providing a better user experience for the consumer and enhancing the visual impact of a dealers vehicle details page when a finance product is not eligible.

A great little improvement for both dealers and consumers.

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