Codeweavers Showroom New Features and Updates


11th September, 2018

Showroom New Features & Updates

As part of our ongoing improvements to the Showroom System, we are enhancing the ‘New Features & Updates’ section. Making it more straightforward and simpler for you to view new updates.


Article Tags

Article tags will allow you to freely select the keywords that describe the articles. Therefore, the content will match what YOU want to see. For example, clicking on the ‘updates’ tag, will only show articles about new updates. With this feature, you can now find related topics effortlessly.

Suggested Articles

To complement the article tags. Content suggestions have now also been optimized. Relevant articles will be prioritised and highlighted to you. Personalised and trending recommendations, all at your fingertips. How convenient indeed!


Everyone wants a more enjoyable experience whilst reading. We have refined and revamped the fonts and the overall text size, to help make it easier to read. Again, this is important, as we want to display content to you in a more user-friendly manner.


More Information

If you have any further questions about the changes coming to the new features and updates please contact a member of our support team by calling us on Tel: 0800 021 0888 or email us at


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