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Slide away with SliderCalc


Your customers can slide their way to their perfect finance quote on a chosen vehicle from your stock.


Introducing the innovative finance calculator that uses slider technology. It has all the calculator functionality of FlexiCalc but the difference is it includes Slider controllers. The sliders illustrate perfectly the best options for your customers.

It uses the same technology as FlexiCalc, meaning your consumers will be provided with a lightning fast experience, educated through the use of embedded finance explainer videos and explanations in regards to what each element of the quote means as well as some powerful lead generation buttons.

How it works

There are two ways your customers can use the calculator, they can simply enter the duration of months they would like to take out the finance agreement and enter their ideal monthly payment or deposit. Once entered the sliders positioning will automatically change based on what your customer have entered.

The other way to use the calculator to personalise a finance quote is to adjust the sliders. You can do this also by moving the duration slider and the monthly payment or deposit slider. When adjusting a slider the other sliders will adjust accordingly with what your customer has adjusted. The calculator, situated at the top of the sliders information will also change to reflect the adjusts made using the sliders.

Why should you choose SliderCalc?


It's free to upgrade.

Simple to add

A click of a button to switch over if you currently have a plugin calculator.


We provide you with the information your customers are sliding.

Easy to use

So easy for your car buyers to use.

Highly Interactive and Engaging

Highly interactive and engaging with sliders that automatically move when your car buyers are personalising a finance quote.


Demonstrates extremely clearly how the car buyer can reduce their monthly payments.


Includes Codeweavers educational finance explainer videos, available in a range of styles.

Lead Generation

Includes Codeweavers powerful finance lead generation buttons.


The colours of the calc can be the same as your website's primary colours or whatever colours your fancy.

If you would like further information about SliderCalc please contact Codeweavers' marketing team on:

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