Codeweavers Showroom System

Codeweavers Showroom System provides a seamless experience for the dealers to both manage leads effectively and quote and propose.

Codeweavers Showroom System

Codeweavers Showroom System provides a seamless experience for the dealers to both manage leads effectively and quote and propose.


Lead Notifications – Dealer Journey

When a customer completes a finance form on a dealers website the lead is stored in Showroom System. The dealer is notified instantly when a customer has part and/or fully completed a form. All of the calls to action work in real time so that when a customer starts to complete a finance form the dealer is notified in instantly.

There are two ways that dealers can receive leads.

Via Email or through Codeweavers lead management mobile app.

Customer Profile


Whether the dealer has been notified via email or through the app they firstly will need to login to the Showroom System. Once logged in, they will be taken to the customer's profile.

The customer profile includes the customers contact details they have entered and the vehicle and finance offer they’re interested in. If the customer has fully completed a Motor Credit Check or a finance application they will be shown ‘Affordability’ information about the customer.

Lead Management


All leads are stored within the leads tab in Showroom system, so at any point you and your dealers can view the finance leads that have been generated. Santander and your dealers can search through your leads by using the search bar and also the dropdown to filter by the date.

All of the leads are clickable and take the showroom user through to the customer profile.


The icons next to each lead allows the dealer to know the type of lead. E.g. Completed a Motor Credit Check, Finance Application or emailed a quote.


The ‘Assign’ feature’ in the leads area of showroom enables individual users of showroom to assign a lead to themselves.

The dealer needs to click on the ‘Assign to me’ button against the lead they would like to follow up in the ‘Assigned’ column.

This will let other members of their team know that they are managing this lead. By looking at the column ‘Assigned’, you can determine who is assigned to individual leads and which leads still need assigning.

Master Access

Codeweavers have built the ability for dealers with multiple sites to have a master access. This enables a dealer to login to view all of the sites leads and proposals at once.

To determine where the lead came from the site is situated in the ‘Location’ column.

Proposal Area

All of the fully completed finance proposals are situated in the proposal tab of Showroom.

Like the lead area, a proposal can be searched for using the search bar and also filter by date.

An addition to this area is the proposals have been categorised by status so you can determine at what stage the proposal is.

Customer Area


The customer tab of showroom provides Santander and your dealers with all previous customers who completed a proposal. This gives you ability to contact these customers again and use the ‘Quick Quote’ showroom functionality based on the customers previous proposal.

Quoting Area of Showroom

The powerful quoting area of Showroom has features that would really benefit you.

The quoting area is so much more than just providing your dealers with the ability to compose a detail finance quote.

Credit Check Pre-Approval

Pre-Approval is situated in the Quick Quote area of Showroom.
A simple and effective way to initially pre-approve your customers in your showroom.

By completing the Pre-Approval form, this will soft check the customers credit rating.

This will help you create vehicle and finance offers that are suitable to the customers circumstances.

Stock Search

Stock Search is situated in the Quick Quote area of Showroom.

Stock Search enables dealers to search their stock in real time through Codeweavers Showroom System, using free text search combined with Codeweavers Payment Search tools, making it simpler than ever to match a customer’s search term to a car, LCV or bike.

Quoting area of Showroom

The powerful quoting area of Showroom has multiple purposes.

The area can be used when a customer visits your showroom and hasn’t had a finance quote and it can also be used to re-quote current leads and proposals that have been generated by your website or in your showroom.

Quick Quote

Once you have clicked into ‘Quick quote’ you will be taken to the following page on the right. Click on the ‘Quote’ button and you will be taken to the quoting area of showroom.

Quick Quote provides you with the ability to quickly and effectively create finance quotes by search for the vehicle the customer is interested using a range of tools.

Features include:

  • The ability to add dealer accessories
  • The cost breakdown feature breaks down the payment for the vehicle
  • Dealer Selector: When the Deal Selector graph is clicked you are presented with a highly visual graph. The graph holds all of your finance products and offers available based on the quote information entered by monthly payment and term to compare to one another.
  • Comparison: Presents you with your finance product quotes side by side based on the quote information you have entered.
  • Presenter: Is a powerful tool that can be used to present to your dealer's customers even if they are sat at home.
  • Print and emails any of the quotes created.

After your customer is happy with the quote created, through Showroom System you can add the Customers details to a built in proposal form.

Proposal Dashboard

The dashboard provides you will the status of the proposal and what stage the proposal is at and what documents are required.

When the proposal is complete it will be situated in the ‘Completed’ column.

All notes and dialogue will be situated on the right of the dashboard.

Please speak to your Codeweavers Account Manager to find out if we can auto-submit to your chosen lender/s.

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