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This page will guide you through how to manage the finance leads generated from your website through your lead management system.

Your Finance Calculator on your website

Codeweavers provide the finance calculations on your website. To capture the customers personalise finance quotes on your website included with the calculator are lead generation buttons.
Buttons on your website may include 'Apply for Finance', 'Email Me This Quote' and 'Motor Credit Check'.



You may not have all of these buttons, so have a quick glance on your website to see which ones you have. These lead generation buttons will be situated on your vehicle details page and ideally on your vehicle results page too.


Finance leads from your website

The finance leads from your website are automatically fed into Codeweavers lead management system which is called 'Showroom System', so you can react fast and respond to the customers’request at the point they are at their most receptive.

Customer information is saved line by line, meaning that if a customer is interrupted or decides not to complete the form, you will still have enough information to contact them and discuss their application.



Approaching your finance leads

When initially contacting your finance leads we strongly advise you to reference the specific finance lead generation button the customer completed and the finance offer and vehicle they are interested in.


Setting up users at your dealership

If anyone leaves your company who receives the finance leads or if you would like another person set up please notify Codeweavers support team on: or alternatively call 0800 021 0888 and they will be happy to make the relevant changes for you.



Finance lead notifications you receive

When a customer starts to complete your finance forms you are notified instantly via email.


Receiving leads via email

You will receive an email notification stating that you have a new finance lead generated from your website.
The email notifications subject line will differ depending on the type of finance form the customer completed.
When a customer has started to complete a finance form on your website, in this case, it's a *finance application* you will receive the following email –


The subject line will contain the type of finance lead, (in this case it's a finance proposal), the date and time this was completed and a reference to the customer's application.


Once and if (they may get interrupted) the customer completes the finance form, you will be notified that the customer has completed the finance form.


As you can see below, the email notification you would receive if your customer completes an 'Email Me this Quote' is very similar to having started/completed a finance application, however the subject line is different -


To follow up your finance leads from your email, it's very important that you MUST click the customer profile link so you are provided with all of the customer information including the vehicle and finance offer they are interested in. You will be taken to the lead management system login page.


Use the username and password that we provided you. If you do not have login details please contact Codeweavers support team on: or alternatively phone: 0800 021 0888.


Once logged in

The information provided will depend if the customer completed the finance form on your website or not or if the lead type is an Email Me This Quote. You will be provided with a customer profile as per the below -


You can print the proposal and amend any of the information if required. Click on the proposal details to determine how much of the form has been completed. Click on the review tab to view the status of the lead/proposal. This will provide you with a summary of the proposal.



Leads area of Showroom

This is where all of your leads are stored. To search for a specific lead use the search functionality and you can also filter leads by date.


The ‘Assign’ feature’ in the leads area of showroom enables you to assign a lead to yourself. The dealer needs to click on the ‘Assign to me’ button against the lead they would like to follow up in the ‘Assigned’ column.

This will let other members of your team know that you are managing this lead. By looking at the column ‘Assigned’, you can determine who is assigned to individual leads and which leads still need assigning.


To determine the type of finance leads in your system and what form the customer completed hover over the icons on the leads and proposal pages.



Customer area

By clicking on the 'customer' tab, this will enable you and your business to view previous approved customer finance proposals and find out notes and specific information about the proposal. Helping with customer retention by enabling you and your business to ‘quick quote’ based on the previous proposal.


If you would like further information on any of the points mentioned above please contact Codeweavers support team by phone on: 0800 021 0888 or alternatively by email on:

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