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FlexiCalc is lightning fast, user friendly, flexible, responsive, extremely intuitive and the functionality is not available anywhere else on the market.

Codeweavers FlexiCalc, takes flexible to another level

FlexiCalc is lightning fast, user-friendly, flexible, responsive, extremely intuitive and the functionality is not available anywhere else on the market.


FlexiCalc includes heaps of functionality and features, including:

  • Your customers can personalise a finance quote on the vehicle they are interested in directly on your website by their ideal monthly payment or by deposit – the only calculator on the market like this.

  • While using FlexiCalc if the quote has been amended to be out of your allowable finance parameters set, customers are notified with friendly messages against the relevant part of the quote.

  • The quote is clearly laid out with info boxes next to each element of information so your car buyers can understand what each part of the quote means to them – the only calculator on the market like this.

  • The finance explainer videos help educate your customers in terms of the different finance products you offer and the benefits to the car buyer. The videos also help to engage your customers – the only vendor to provide a range of styles of video.

  • Your car buyers can use the calculator on ANY device.

  • If you have multiple sites, FlexiCalc can be brandable by site, the choice is yours.

  • Powerful lead generation buttons are included within the finance calculator to capture the car buyers interacting with your websites finance calculator - including email and print buttons, the only calculator with these buttons.

  • FlexiCalc is the only calculator on the market that benefits from continuous new features based on customer behaviour.

  • FlexiCalc's functionality and styling is controlled by us, meaning we can update the calculator instantly.

Included with FlexiCalc is detailed statistics


With reports on usage and behaviour, you will get masses of data about the terms, deposits, payments, profile, usage, devices and more. Want to know what payment to highlight for your next offer - your customers will tell you via your stats.

Also included is your finance explainer videos stats so you can find out what finance products your customers wanted further information about.

Want to know what is your most popular finance product your customers are interested in and what the average credit score your customers have? Our system will provide you with information like this.

Discover a demo of FlexiCalc here -

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