Codeweavers CreditCalc

Finance quotes personalised to credit scores

Codeweavers CreditCalc

Finance quotes personalised to credit scores


CreditCalc has been built with your car buyers’ credit scores in mind. The calculator provides the ability for the car buyer to personalise a finance quote based on their credit score.

CreditCalc ensures that the car buyer’s focus when personalising finance is on the monthly payment. It does this by enabling your car buyers to change their credit score, deposit, term and annual mileage using horizontal sliders that are quick and simple to use. Once this has been done, the updated monthly payment is clearly displayed and positioned as the most prominent information within the quote.

The credit scores the car buyer can select between are as follows: Below Average, Average, Good, and Excellent. If they are unsure what their credit score is, Codeweavers have a Motor Credit Check tool that can be integrated within the calculator giving the car buyer the opportunity to pre-check their credit score before using the calculator. Motor Credit Check performs a soft credit check so that your car buyers are safe, knowing that using this tool will not affect their credit rating.

Features & Benefits

  • As the car buyer’s monthly payment is the core focus of the calculator, this will increase the affordability of your cars to your buyers, as they are now focusing on a monthly price, rather than the total cash price of the car

  • Codeweavers have been actively monitoring how car buyers move around a finance calculator and the best ways for car buyers to personalise their ideal finance quote. The team have come up with new positioning of the finance calls to action within the calculator and we believe this will help increase the number of finance leads you receive.

  • The car buyer can toggle between your different finance products that they would like to personalise finance quotes upon. Codeweavers are helping your car buyers differentiate between your different finance products and helping you understand what finance products your car buyers are interested in.

  • The car buyer has the ability to personalise their finance quote either using the sliders or inputting the quote into the fields, providing them with the ability to personalise finance how they would like to.

  • The deposit field is a free text field, meaning your car buyers can enter their perfect deposit, i.e. they can enter a deposit to the exact penny they want to put down.

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