Developer Student Placements

Placement opportunities for 2018 are now open

Frontend and Backend Developer Student Placement

How long is the placement? 12 months

Placement opportunities for 2018 are now open. Selection process will begin at the beginning of March

If you are looking for Frontend Web or Backend Software Developer Student Placements, then Codeweavers is the place to work.

We are looking for talented student Frontend Web and Backend Software Developers to join our ever growing team of devs.

You will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and opinions and be working within a team of testers, UX Designer, Project Managers and a large team of front and back end developers. We work in an agile environment, have a no blame culture and everyone helps one another out. You will gain a great deal of experience and knowledge in a short space of time and have a lot of fun doing so. You will be part of a team who strive for innovation and develop a first-­rate code base in a relaxed and chilled environment.

90% of students who undertake a placement at Codeweavers then come back to us after they have finished their degree to become a fully pledged Codeweavers Developer.

The Role

This role is suitable for a student studying a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Games Programming, or similar. You will be working in the development team delivering new features and functionality. Extensive use of pair programming combined with regular (daily) deployments means that it's likely that code you write will be deployed LIVE in the first week of your placement. This is a real job with real opportunities to learn hands on.

You will be responsible for developing a range of highly available SaaS applications. Clean and elegant code is essential to ensure continued delivery of millions of calculations a day to our customers.

Our development teams work with a variety of technologies. Our web services are primarily developed using C# in combination with traditional relational and NoSQL databases whilst our front end web applications are developed in a variety of technologies including Javascript,

AngularJS, ASP.Net and PHP. Our developers usually specialise in either Backend (C#) or Frontend (JS/PHP) but have great opportunities to work across the entire stack.

What are we looking for?

We're after enthusiastic, self motivated individuals who are eager to learn and integrate into our Codeweavers team. Ideally you will be completing a Computer Science, Software Engineering, Multimedia or Web Development based degree and enjoy building your own projects.

It would be great if you could put forward to us what you would like to achieve in your career and can talk about your work and aspirations.

Codeweavers Academy

At Codeweavers we love to learn and through our Academy, led by experienced Academics and Software Engineers, you will continue to learn and evolve. Being part of the Academy will give you the time and opportunity to develop your skills as a software engineer through a variety of Academy sessions. In addition to this all placement and graduate developers work on our live code base straight away and immediately start adding business value.

The Academy sessions run in a variety of forms, from practical coding katas and teaming building exercises to theoretical academic sessions. All of which are designed to help you further your software engineering craftsmanship.

Practices Codeweavers Developers use on a daily basis:

  • Automating builds and deployments
  • A continuous integration environment
  • Version Control
  • Test Driven Development
  • Agile development methodologies
  • Pair and Mob programming
  • Clean Coding techniques
  • Code Refactoring



More Reasons to Choose Codeweavers

Codeweavers is a growing organisation that has a fantastic client base including BMW/MINI, Peugeot/Citroen, Toyota/Lexus to name a few.

Since 2007 Codeweavers has been utilising Agile practices initially based around Scrum we have now evolved our own mix of processes more closely aligned to Kanban and XP. By the time you complete your placement you will have a deep understanding of the principles and practices of Agile software development, skills that are in great demand. It is genuinely a fun place to work. Don’t take our word for it, feel free to speak to one of our current or past placement students.


All of the Codeweavers team have 23 days holiday per year. Every year you work at Codeweavers you get an extra day!

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