Backend Software Developer Placement

Placement opportunities for 2017 are now open

Backend Software Developer Placement

How long is the placement? 12 months

Placement opportunities for 2018 are now open. Selection process will begin at the end of January.


As a Backend Software Developer, you will be developing, maintaining and supporting the company’s market ­leading motor finance services and products. You will be joining a team that employs a wide range of agile techniques including pair and mob programming, TDD, code re­factoring and continuous integration.

The Role

This role is suitable for a student studying a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Games Programming, or similar.
You will be working in the development team delivering new features and functionality.

Extensive use of pair programming combined with regular (daily) deployments means that it's likely that code you write will be deployed LIVE in the first week of your placement. This is a real job with real opportunities to learn hands on.

You will be responsible for developing a range of highly available SaaS applications. Clean and elegant code is essential to ensure continued delivery of millions of calculations a day to our customers.

Our development teams work with a variety of technologies. Our web services are primarily developed using C# in combination with traditional relational and NoSQL databases whilst our front end web applications are developed in a variety of technologies including Javascript, AngularJS, ASP.Net and PHP. Our developers usually specialise in either Backend (C#) or Frontend (JS/PHP) but have great opportunities to work across the entire stack.

Software Skills and Experience

It's not so much about having a certain level of specific skills, we are after individuals who are flexible and willing to learn and have a range of soft skills. You will work directly with our existing development team to craft beautiful solutions. If you haven't experience in some of the points below, don't worry you can learn from our experienced team of Back end Developers and through the Codeweavers Academy.

Backend Technologies @ Codeweavers:

  • C# (Visual Studio, Resharper)
  • Web (ASP.NET, MVC)
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Testing (NUnit, MOQ, Selenium)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (WCF, REST)
  • SQL Server, Postgres and Cassandra (NoSQL)
  • CruiseControl.NET

We believe that the time you will spend at Codeweavers will be the best decision you ever made! It’s a great opportunity to learn fast and kick-start your career in the right direction before finishing your education.

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